Day 69: Favorite glee club not mentioned above

I don’t know. Most of the glee clubs they compete against are a joke. I can’t really think of one. Nothing that stands out for me.

Lea Michele posing on the Giffoni Film Festival Blue Carpet (x)

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Day 68: Favorite Vocal Adrenaline song

Bohemian Rhapsody was so well done! That’s a hard song to cover, but they did it.

Day 67: Favorite Troubletones song

I really like Runour Has It/Someone Like You. I like it so much, I can’t listen to the original songs without saying, “nah, glee does it better.”

Day 66: Favorite Warblers song

I was originally going to say Raise Your Glass, because it’s fun and so well done, buuut i actually think I’m going to go with Somewhere Only We Know. It’s a beautiful song.

Day 65: Favorite New Directions competition costume

Like the setlist, I liked the costumes in nationals season three

Day 64: Favorite New Directions competition setlist

I really liked the Nationals setlist in season 3.
Edge Of Glory
It’s All Coming Back To Me Now
Paradise By The Dashboard Light

Day 63: Favorite New Directions song

Uhhhhh… Too many to pick! Um… Shoot, okay, I guess I’m gonna be original and say Don’t Stop Believing because it takes us all back and it’ll never, ever get old.

Day 62: Dream guest star

I just want to see Barbra On the show. I think it’d be a really special experience for Lea, and Rachel as a character.